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"Time's Up" Items-

I am once again sold out of Time's Up flags!

My source for flags (that I don't have to place a large, expensive minimum order with) has, for now, dried up.   If anyone is interested in an investment opportunity to get a new batch manufactured (particularly the 3' X 5' flags), let me know.    I would need around $11,000 as of this update.  We can work out details.


"Time's Up" patches

3" X 2", sew-on patches.

They are $5 each, with $1 shipping and handling. I will give substantial breaks on shipping and handling for multiples.


Fire Striker kits

Need some flint and steel for when TSHTF?

The strikers were forged by Hunchback Ironworks, and I am assembling the kits. Please look at all the photos, options, and prices here.

Most kits are around $20.00 = S&H.



I have a few of these “Time’s Up” stickers still available.

They measure about 3 1/2″ X 2 1/8″. They look good, BUT...  I don't recommend using them outdoors; they fade badly in the sun and can't stand up to weather at all! 

They cost fifty cents each, plus fifty cents for shipping any number. So, if you want one it would be $1.00; if you want ten, it would be $5.50.  If you order a flag or a shirt, I may toss a few in as a bonus if I don't forget.  Ask and you shall receive.


Books -

I also wrote some books you might be interested in.

Click the covers below to order, or see how you can get them for free:

For the kids (or the young-at-heart):

Indy-Pindy the mouse learns about living an

independent life of liberty as he strikes out on his own.

Also available:

Everything you need to know and understand about rights, freedom, and liberty. 

Plus some other selected goodies.

Libertarian Solutions for real life


Simple refrains for Liberty


Finally, mostly for my family...

Sketches, photos, and tales of

the pet bobwhite I had when I was a teenager,

along with general bobwhite observations.

I am occasionally selling stuff on eBay. Look for me there! My eBay user name is "dullhawk1840".

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And, finally, you can help me by purchasing this book, too, even though it isn't one of mine:

Gun Laws By State

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Books -