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Here are a few of the things on my "want list".  Click on the pictures for links.  In some cases the picture might look a little different from the product- the link will take you to the right thing.

Click Here for My wishlist


boot size 11



      hat size 7 1/8 (22.5")

I asked the hatmaker about a few alterations and they said it could be done for a little extra money: Very similar to "The Extraordinary" with a few changes. Just a shade darker in color. Perhaps not quite as much telescoping on the crown (is that the way to say a little flatter and not as much dip?). A simple leather hatband 1/1/2 wide, a little rugged, but not crude . And, if possible, a leather "stampede string" (it's windy in these parts). - Probably, you could tell them who it is for and they'd have a record of these requested changes.


The T1 "Tommy gun", with the optional 50-round drum magazine



Pants size 36, color: tan.  Vest size L, color: dark brown



Good, REAL, hemp rope- easier on the hands

And a couple of things to feed my inner Browncoat:

An actual, official "browncoat".

Firefly-type boots.  Size 11